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White papers

Analyze large datasets faster with AnswerTree Server - PDF file (236KB)
The purpose of this White Paper is to provide test results that give you an indication of the degree of scalability achieved with AnswerTree Server. In the past, AnswerTree’s approach worked best with sampled data. With the release of AnswerTree Server, AnswerTree’s interactive data mining approach can be applied to much larger datasets. This new scalable architecture reduces the time needed to solve enterprise-sized problems." (AT benchmarks 3.0)

AnswerTree Algorithm Summary - PDF file (63KB)
AnswerTree offers four powerful algorithms that enable you to build the best model, for any type of data. This document summarizes and compares the different types of algorithms used in AnswerTree: CHAID, Exhaustive CHAID, Classification and Regression Trees (C&RT) and QUEST. (WP1)

ATM of the future, The - PDF file (162KB)
The ATM of the future has started to take shape as a key touchpoint with banking customers -- and even customers of competing banks. (ATMWP)

Basic applied techniques: Choose the right stat to make better decisions - PDF file (114KB)
This white paper shows you how to use basic statistical techniques: frequencies, bar charts, crosstabs, descriptives, histograms, boxplots and scatterplots. (BASICWP)

Better decision making with long-term forecasting: DecisionTime and WhatIf? - PDF file (520KB)
This Executive Report WP describes how DecisionTime and WhatIf? provide a clear picture of an organization's future by helping quickly and easily create accurate long-term forecasts based on historical data and business knowledge. (DTBDMWP)

Building profitable customer relationships with data mining - PDF file (165KB)
Customer relationship management (CRM) helps companies improve the profitability of their interactions with customers, while at the same time, makes the interactions appear friendlier through individualization. To succeed with CRM, companies need to match products and campaigns to prospects and customers - in other words, to intelligently manage the customer life cycle. (CRMBPWP)

Clementine - Working with Telecommunications - PDF file (1000KB)
Churn, the loss of customers to competitors, costs millions to companies in the telecommunications industry. Learn how Clementine can help you recoup your investment in attracting new customers by identifying profitable customers that are at risk of being lured away by your competitors. (CLMTELWP)

Complete End-To-End Analysis With SPSS - PDF file (3180KB)
Good, accurate data analysis is essential for most organizations. With data analysis, decision makers can make well-informed decisions about the future of their organization. But the actual data analysis isn’t the only step in the analytical research process. To get the most accurate analysis and report it to decision makers, you must be able to plan the data analysis project, collect data, access and manage data easily, analyze data and then share your results. The analytical process is comprised of each of these steps. Find out in this white paper how you can work seamlessly in the analytical process using a single software solution. (CETEAWP)

CRISP-DM 1.0: Step-by-step data mining guide - PDF file (610KB)
To get the results that you expect from your data mining project, assess your business situation and evaluate how tools perform throughout the complete data mining process. To help in your evaluation, the following checklist has been compiled using CRISP-DM, the worldwide cross-industry standard process model for carrying out data mining projects. (CRISPP)

Data mining and statistics: Gain a competitive advantage - PDF file (131KB)
How do you uncover patterns and trends in the mountains of data your organization accumulates? Today, more than ever, advanced analytical methods are the secret weapons of many successful businesses. (DATAMINP)

Data mining for lottery systems - PDF file (292KB)
The challenges of creating and maintaining a lottery system that appeals to customers and provides revenue for your state’s vital programs can be eased when data mining using SPSS products. Find out in this white paper how your lottery system can use data mining to increase lottery revenues, make better use of your marketing dollars, identify the best, most profitable new games, better understand your customers and share information with decision makers, the public and your customers. (DMLTWP-0402)

Data Mining with Clementine for smarter retailing - PDF file (KB)
Learn how to increase customer profitability with this white paper on data mining for retail. (CLMRWP)

Data reporting anytime, anywhere: SmartViewer Web-based reporting system - PDF file (157KB)
As school officials know, a successful accountability or school profiling system uses an effective reporting system to increase academic achievement." This paper authored by Dr. Eugene Adcock at Prince George's County Public Schools. (WPSmartViewerlores)

Deployment Strategies for increasing your data mining ROI - PDF file (235KB)
To get the full value from your data mining investment, you must strategically deploy your models (DPLYWP)

Detect taxpayer non-compliance with Data Mining - PDF file (425KB)
This Executive Report explains how data mining helps tax auditors focus on recovering money so that much-needed social programs receive the necessary funds. (DMTWP)

Discover secrets your spreadsheet can’t tell you - PDF file (231KB)
Do you need to do more than create simple summaries or perform basic row-and-column math with your data? Are spreadsheets limiting the way you work with your data? When you need more insight than spreadsheets can provide, choose SPSS for rich analysis. This white paper presents 12 secrets your spreadsheet can’t tell you. For instance, SPSS enables you to quickly get a handle on your data. These tips explain how SPSS can help you make better, more-informed decisions -- so you can go beyond your spreadsheets. (SDSWPGP-0502)

Excerpt from Data Warehousing: Strategies, Technologies and Techniques: Statistical Analysis - PDF file (197KB)
Data mining is uncovering the hidden meaning and relationships in the massive amounts of data stored in the data warehouse. In short, the value of the data warehouse lies in the information that can be derived from its data through the mining process. (DMWP)

Field-tested data mining - PDF file (90KB)
For critical issues facing private and public sector executives today, data mining makes the difference. From customer relationship management to risk management to improved production on the factory floor to detecting fraud and abuse, more leading-edge organizations are discovering every day that data mining gives them something reports and even OLAP can't - the ability to see ahead so they can proactively make changes to reach their goals. (FIELDTEST)

Full-information missing data analysis with Amos - PDF file (117KB)
This white paper discusses how much more efficient estimation by full-information maximum likelihood can be, when compared to listwise or pairwise deletion methods commonly employed. (AMOSP)

Future of Program Evaluation In the Era of Government Reinvention, The - PDF file (179KB)
Governing bodies and their oversite committees, such as U.S. Congressional committees, need information to make decisions on programs they oversee. This information, which reveals whether a program is working and if it is effective, often falls into three very general categories: descriptive, implementation and effect. This information, which reveals whether a program is working and if it is effective, often falls into three very general categories: descriptive, implementation and effect. (SWPPROEV)

Geographical Mapping and Analysis in Healthcare - PDF file (159KB)
This white paper focuses on how statistical analysis software such as SPSS and, in particular, MapInfo, can help health care professionals turn the raw data they collect into valuable information. Health care professionals have always collected and analyzed vast quantities of data. Examples include patient records, drug trial esults, data on outbreaks of specific illnesses and the ways in which they might be related to other factors. (SWPMAP)

How's and Why's of survey research, The - PDF file (180KB)
Survey research is much more than simply asking someone a few questions. It’s a multiple-step process with a clearly defined protocol at each step. In order to get reliable results from your survey research, you must be able to plan the survey research project, collect data, access and manage the data easily and report the results. And for your survey research project to be a success, you need to share your results with the decision-makers who can act upon them. (WSRIWP-0402)

Improve fraud detection through data mining - PDF file (426KB)
This Executive Report explains how data mining helps fraud auditors focus on recovering money so that much-needed social programs receive the necessary funds. (DMIFWP)

LexiQuest Categorize - PDF file (240KB)
LexiQuest Categorize enables you to quickly find and deliver accurate information, by organizing information into logical categories. Download this white paper to learn more about organizing documents and information with LexiQuest Categorize. (LQCWP-0302)

LexiQuest Guide - PDF file (324KB)
LexiQuest Guide improves the accuracy and ease-of-use of search functions on Web sites, intranets, extranets and portals. Download this white paper to discover how LexiQuest Guide enables you to deliver the information your customers and employees need. (LQGWP-0302)

LexiQuest Mine - PDF file (207KB)
LexiQuest Mine automates the process of reading thousands of documents to uncover critical information. Download this white paper to learn more about LexiQuest Mine's document-reading and information-gathering capabilities. (LQMWP-0302)

Making e-government a reality - PDF file (163KB)
Better serve your public when you design an e-government strategy that works. Focus on the whole citizen experience and deliver effective, personalized online services using data mining. (EGOVWP)

Making personalized e-relationships a reality - PDF file (175KB)
A strategic focus on the whole customer experience is critical to survival in our increasingly global and competitive marketplace. How do you get from where you are today to real-time personalized interactions via the web? While new technologies are speeding up the pace and changing the ways you implement your business strategies, the same rules of business apply. (EMINE)

Missing data: the hidden problem - Draw more valid conclusions with SPSS Missing Value Analysis - PDF file (87KB)
Just about everyone doing analysis has some missing data, especially survey researchers, market researchers, database analysts, researchers and social scientists. Missing data are questions without answers or variables without observations. Even a small percent of missing data can cause serious problems with your analysis leading you to draw wrong conclusions. This white paper presents a case study demonstrating how missing data can affect your analysis and the decisions you make based on your results. It uses SPSS Missing Value Analysis to overcome a missing data problem to make better decisions. (MISSINGP)

More defensible values with statistics - PDF file (95KB)
This white paper describes how assessors, and others concerned with mass appraisal, can use statistics to enhance analysis and improve the accuracy and credibility of value estimates. Written by Robert Gloudemans and Richard Almy of Almy, Gloudemans and Jacobs, this paper focuses on basic statistical analyses found in "ratio studues." (PVAP)

Optimal scaling methods for multivariate categorical data analysis - PDF file (151KB)
Optimal scaling has a long history, briefly reviewed in this paper. The Data Theory Group at Leiden University in the Netherlands has done much to systematize optimal scaling, making it a vital ingredient of a comprehensive multidimensional data analysis framework called the Data Theory Scaling System (DTSS). The system has a lot of potential for the analysis of multivariate data that are qualitative, non-normally distributed, or incomplete. Optimal scalong can easily deal with nonlinear relationships between the variables to be analyzed. A crucial aspect of DTSS is the graphical display of the results of the analysis. (SWPOPT)

Performance on large datasets: Clementine Server - PDF file (387KB)
In the past, Clementine’s approach worked best with sampled data. With the release of Clementine Server, Clementine’s interactive data mining approach can be used on much larger datasets. This is because Clementine Server scales the entire data mining process. For example, visualization techniques are scaled for data understanding. Data preparation steps such as field and record operations also see significant gains, as do modeling processes that include pre-processing steps. Finally, model evaluation and deployment can be performed more efficiently. (ClementineWP(low))

Satisfaction survey analysis using statistics: You'll be delighted with the results - PDF file (196KB)
Satisfaction surveys are an important tool for assessing the satisfaction of your customers, employees, patients and readers. Without a reliable way to analyze the responses, however, you risk making important decisions based on incomplete or superficial information. (SATSRV2P)

Save money and make better decisions with SPSS Exact Tests - PDF file (210KB)
You can generate significant revenue and leads for your business with the right direct mail packet. But finding the best combination of list, offer and creative requires you to thoroughly test and carefully analyze the results of your campaign. (WP13)

SPSS 10.0 and the Distributed Analysis Architecture - PDF file (172KB)
For the first time, the classic SPSS analysis environment is available in a distributed architecture and is coupled with key performance optimizations needed for truly scalable analysis. It also marks an evolution in strategic direction, focusing our attention on enterprise products and Windows-based desktop platforms. This White Paper discusses that environment and this unique product. (SDAAWP)

SPSS Association Rules Component, The - PDF file (81KB)
A pattern discovery component that enables more efficient cross-selling, the SPSS Association Rules Component offers state-of-the-art technology to easily meet the challenges for crucial customer relationship management (CRM) tasks. Designed for mining association rules from large databases accurately and efficiently, the component is remarkably versatile. Discover how, in this technical report, you can effectively implement the SPSS Association Rules Component in a wide variety of applications. (ARCWP)

SPSS C&RT Component, The - PDF file (109KB)
A decision tree component that enables more effective classification and prediction of target variables, the SPSS C&RT Component empowers you to classify or predict one unobserved variable by examining explanatory variables. The SPSS C&RT Component improves upon traditional decision trees and works with two problem types: those in which the dependent variable is categorical and those in which the dependent variable is continuous. Discover how, in this technical report, you can use the SPSS C&RT Component to build decision trees to classify or predict variables. (CRTWP)

SPSS for Financial Services - PDF file (134KB)
In todays business arena, particularly in financial services it is a constant challenge to stay ahead of the competition. To increase market share and operate more efficiently, powerful, flexible, advanced analytical methods are must-haves in financial services. This paper shows how SPSS statistics can give you and your organization the competitive edge. (SFINWP-CREDITRISK)

SPSS TwoStep Cluster Component, The - PDF file (82KB)
A scalable component that enables more efficient customer segmentation, the SPSS TwoStep Cluster Component is designed to handle very large datasets. Capable of handling both continuous and categorical variables or attributes, it requires only one data pass in the procedure. It also provides the capability to automatically find the optimal number of clusters. Discover how, in this technical report, you can improve your process with the SPSS TwoStep Cluster Component. (TSCWP)

Statistics in government - PDF file (160KB)
Why use statistics? What are the benefits of using an advanced statistical tool? This white paper highlights the strategic advantages of using statistical analysis technique (SWPGOV)

Thinking About Exact Statistics - PDF file (60KB)
In this article, we review the fundamentals of statistical testing, define the concept of an exact test, and give an example. Note that we focus on Type 1 errors and do not directly accress the subjects of Type II error or statistical power. (WP17)

Using Amos for structural equation modeling in market research - PDF file (97KB)
This paper introduces you to structural equation models (SEMs) as well as Amos, a software tool distributed by SPSS Inc. Amos stands for "Analysis of Moment Structures." Amos has a unique graphical interface, and was specifically designed to make fitting SEMs easier. (AMOSMRP)

Using data mining to detect taxpayer non-compliance - PDF file (221KB)
Tax and finance departments around the world lose more and more money each year due to non-compliant taxpayers. They need to recoup this money which funds vital services for their citizens. By mining their existing data, these departments can find the best way to identify non-compliance. (TAXWP)

Using satisfaction surveys to achieve a competitive advantage - PDF file (87KB)
The technology available to both you and your competitors has made it easier to duplicate each other's products or services. Excellent customer satisfaction is one of the few ways to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. (SATSRV1P)

Using SPSS in a small institutional research office - PDF file (229KB)
As an open door institution, Amarillo College offers a number of developmental education courses in mathematics, reading and writing. In 1986, the departments offering those courses asked me to help determine whether students in developmental education courses were successful. Together we identified a working definition of student success. (USERESINST)


DecisionTime / WhatIf? Evaluation Copy - (28,840KB)
Please note that this is a full working copy of this software. It will expire in approximately 30 days.

DeltaGraph 4.5 for Macintosh - (5790KB)
Please note that this is a full working copy of this software. It will expire in approximately 30 days.

DeltaGraph 5.01 for Windows - (19,000KB)
Please note that this is a full working copy of this software. It will expire in approximately 30 days.

Linear Mixed Models case studies - (947KB)
Download Linear Mixed Models.exe, an HTML-based tutorial demonstrating use of the Linear Mixed Models procedure in SPSS Advanced Models. This is a self-extracting Zip file. After downloading it, double-click on the file. The compressed files will automatically extract themselves. It’s recommended you save the file into a fresh directory; it should not be extracted into the SPSS tutorial folder. After the files are extracted, double-click on the mixed.htm file to view the case studies.

Neuro Book II - (123KB)
This is an online interactive guide to neural networks.

SigmaPlot demo for Windows - (20,400KB)
The SigmaPlot demo for Windows is a working copy of the latest 32-bit version not just a "slide show" demo or marketing overviews. As scientists ourselves, we know the importance of being able to evaluate software to make sure that it fits your needs, and we are committed to providing demonstration software that gives you an excellent overview of the products.

SPSS 11.0.1 Demo - (51175KB)
Please note that this is a full working copy of SPSS Base. It will expire in approximately 30 days.

SPSS Report Writer 1.0 for Windows - (28,284KB)
Quickly create customized, professional-looking reports, mailing labels and form letters from SPSS and other data sources. This is a full working copy of the software that will expire 30 days after installation.

TextSmart Movie - (1269KB)
The TextSmart Movie Demonstration is designed to introduce you to TextSmart 1.0. This ScreenCam movie is a zipped file.

AnswerTree Quick Tour - (1390KB)
This Quick Tour is designed to introduce you to AnswerTree, the powerful decision tree and data mining software. After downloading the self-extracting movie, sit back and enjoy the "live" demonstration. You'll see how AnswerTree helps you easily discover segments, build better profiles and realize the profits in your data.

Clementine Quick Tour - (5500KB)
Quick Tour The Clementine Quick Tour shows an example of a direct mail campaign using Clementine.

DecisionTime and WhatIf? in action: catalog sales - (9KB)
Review this online example to see how to create and deploy catalog sales forecasts with DecisionTime and WhatIf?.

DecisionTime Movie - (2800KB)
This Quick Tour is designed to introduce you to DecisionTime and WhatIf?

GraphExpress Flash demo - (309KB)
See how easy graph creation with GraphExpress is by running a Flash demo. Note: The Flash demo requires you to set your monitor at 1024 X 768 and fully maximize your browser window.

Introduction to Clementine - (50KB)
See an "Introduction to Clementine."

Marketing application using Clementine. - (50KB)
See a marketing application using Clementine.

SamplePower in action: cancer treatment - (7KB)
Review this online example to see how SamplePower finds the right sample size for a cancer treatment study.

SigmaPlot 8.0 new features movie - (1160KB)
Now SigmaPlot can be accessed right from an active Microsoft Excel worksheet. Find out about more exciting features in this new version such as toolbar palettes, on-page text editing, multiple levels of undo, automatic graph export to Microsoft Word and much more!

SigmaPlot and SPSS integration movie - (307KB)
Find out how you can combine SPSS 11.0's powerful analytical capabilities with SigmaPlot, the award-winning technical graphing package. See how you can use SigmaPlot within SPSS to create high-quality charts and graphs that clearly present your results.

SmartViewer Web Server Test Center - (4KB)
Interact with SmartViewer Web Server in the online test center.

SPSS and Database Marketing - (125KB)
SPSS and Database Marketing

SPSS base output in ASCII format

SPSS Chart types - (700KB)
Create new chart types for a unique and in-depth picture of your data

SPSS Charts for presentation - (2200KB)
Control every chart element for professional looking charts that really show off your analysis

SPSS Coach - (57KB)
SPSS Statistics Coach

SPSS Data exploration using charts - (1050KB)
Explore your data with charts that feature unique SPSS pivoting technology

SPSS Data source management - (963KB)
Streamline data management for databases, surveys and downloaded data sets
See examples of:

SPSS Easy data management - (744KB)
Work easier with significantly better data management

SPSS Flexible output - (943KB)
Create more flexible output

SPSS New chart features - (1692KB)
Improve comparisons with expanded Interactive Graphs and enhanced customization options See examples of:

SPSS Pivot Tables - (50KB)
SPSS Pivot Tables

SPSS Report OLAP - (1277KB)
Report OLAP: Transform a table into a graph for more visually compelling information See examples of:

TextSmart in action: survey response analysis - (6KB)
Review this online example to see how TextSmart analyzes open-ended responses to a customer survey.



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Statistics Family

Tar du besluttninger på magefølelse? Oppdag det 250.000 kunder allerede vet: med Statistic Family fra SPSS, kan du ta besluttninger og avgjørelser basert på analyser. Statistic Family tilbyr enkle løsninger for deg som vil komme raskt i gang, samtidig som vi har avanserte løsninger for avanserte brukere

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